5 minutes with Abbey Ginns – Thinc Eco

5 minutes with Abbey Ginns

Abbey Ginns is an effortless beauty who grew up on the Sunshine Coast, where she lives with her partner and baby girl, Woodi.

Abbey is also the founder of furniture store, Huski Studios, that creates quality timeless pieces for any home. We spoke to Abbey about all things sustainability and what it means to her and her family. 


What does sustainability mean to you? 

Investing in products that last and minimise waste in the world. I’ve really made an effort to replace most products I use every day to sustainable options - it feels good making a positive change and I also think it makes you appreciate your belongings more. 

What’s some advice you’d give any soon to be mums? 

Don’t panic about having everything perfect for your baby - they need love, milk & some necessities in the big scheme of things. I found ordering monthly deliveries of nappies & wipes saved me numbers of times! I’ve always done our weekly shop at our local Farmers markets - supports local & organic farmers and saves thinking of what to cook on the night and running out to the shops. Always use our Woven Bag, from Thinc Eco and it’s the perfect size.

What aspect of your life do you think could you could make more sustainable? 

I’m about to buy a new bike and plan on getting around everywhere with Woodi on the back! I’m so excited. I’d like to try and minimise our waste and I am constantly on the hunt for biodegradable nappy sacks - please someone make them!

What’s a fun fact most people wouldn’t know about you? 

I’m a Gemini

Who are 3 people that inspire you? 

My Mum, my beautiful and incredibly talented friend Elle-Louise & my darlin, Bryce. x