5 minutes with Mon Bowie – Thinc Eco

5 minutes with Mon Bowie



Mon Bowie... Our favourite down to earth, beach babe, the creator of soon to launch, Baby Bowie and Mother to beautiful Kora. 

We recently sat down with Mon and talked all things sustainability. 

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means, being able to reuse products and not consume more than we contribute. Looking after our planet is important to me because I want our children to have a cleaner and greener future. 

What does your and Kora’s first meal of the day look like? 

Depending on how much time I have my go-to breakfast is an omelet, I love having it with sauerkraut and avocado. For Kora, I will usually make her a smoothie, packed with organic fruit and vegetables. I love using the Thinc Eco Ziplock Bags to store her breaky if I’m in a rush.

What aspect of your life do you think could you could make more sustainable

Being more conscious of what clothing labels I promote and trying to find more sustainable fashion practices and re-use all my clothes or buy more second hand.

What’s a fun fact most people wouldn’t know about you?

I love to sing!

Who are 3 people that inspire you?

My mum - did and still does

My daughter Kora

My partner Fred