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Eco tips for Plastic Free July

By 2050 it has been predicted that plastic in the ocean will outweigh fish - scary thought isn't it? The good news is that we can change this. As consumers, it's up to us to make the right choices with the products we buy/use

Which brings us to, Plastic Free July, a global movement helping millions of people take action and be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Below are some tips from us to you, to help reverse the harm we have done to the planet. 

1. Banish single-use plastic bags 

Did you know 5 trillion plastic bags are used globally per year? That's 160,000 a second! And over 700 a year for every single person on the planet. If you haven't already switch to reusable produce bags, when buying fresh produce from the supermarket or farmers market. 

2. Swap your out your plastic toothbrush

Plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose and when it comes to plastic toothbrushes, most get lost in the recycling process and end up in landfills or make their way into rivers and oceans. Bamboo toothbrush, are a get alternative and ours are compostable, simply snap off the bristles for your general waste and throw the handle in your compost bin.

3. Use your own containers 

If you’re someone who is still using plastic containers to store food, with so many eco alternatives it's a great time to ditch plastic. A great alternative to plastic, is bamboo. Did you know that bamboo is an extremely sustainable material and has anti fungal properties. Biodegradable bamboo lunchboxes, are the perfect carrier kids lunches on and they are also safe any chemicals, a lot of plastics carry.

4. Cut down on packaged food

We know it can be the easiest option to grab a packet of chips or chocolate when you're craving a snack. However now is the time to make conscious decisions when buying drinks or packaged snacks. Instead buy snacks from your bulk food store or try making your own, and store them in our reusable silicone ziplock bagsWe also love making popcorn using these miracle bags using corn kernels, butter and salt in the bags, closing them up and placing them in the microwave.


So who's in? Who wants to join us in the Plastic Free July Movement!