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School Lunch Tips

The school term is well underway and keeping your kid's lunches exciting can get a little hard. We have put together a few tips on how to keep things interesting yet educational about sustainability at the same time. 



Giving your kids a variety of foods is vital in ensuring they are eating the right foods and don't opt for a packaged snack from the canteen. Instead of giving them a vegemite sandwich every day. Try swapping it with pasta, sweet potato chips or a frittata. These are all things you can prep in advance so you're not throwing in another sandwich. 

Make it fun


One of the best ways to keep your kids enjoying their lunch is by involving them in the process. Buy a range of fresh foods that you know they love don't only tell them what you can make with it but this is also a perfect opportunity to talk about the natural value each food holds.

Swap out refined sugars 


Try not to fill their lunchboxes with packaged snacks such as; chocolate, chips, and lollies. Instead, pack their lunchboxes with foods that will keep them fuller for longer. Making healthy protein balls by Health With Bec are a great treat that taste like the real deal but are full of all the right things!

Healthy Packaging 

Ditch the disposables. When your kids are helping you make lunches, explain to them why you're not using disposable plastic and why you are now using Reusable Ziplock bags. Did you know that plastics are made up of crude oil and contain chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol-A)? Yes, this does make plastic very practical for everyday use, but it also adds a serious health risk, especially when it comes in contact with the food we eat.