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Soaking Chickpeas


Given the current situation, we are all making fewer trips to the supermarket. Making conscious changes and buying wisely is essential. We like to buy dried legumes in bulk that will last you months. To prepare dried chickpeas for any use, see our method below. 


1. Rinse dried chickpeas well in water

2. Place in a large bowl (as they will expand)

3. Fill the bowl with water (at least 3 inches above chickpea level)

4. Let them sit for 8 hours (or overnight)


Hint: If you don't want to use the chickpeas immediately. Drain, rinse and store in the fridge until you're ready to cook them. (Use within 3-5 days)


Recipe ideas

- Hummus 

- Roasted chickpeas 

- Cookie dough

- Curries